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Tenison Road

'Tension Road, data and its street life' is a project initiated by members of the Computer-mediated Living group working at Microsoft Research. While it is very much a project cooked up by some of us at Microsoft, the intention is for it to be a community run project with the aim of exploring what data means to real people living and working on streets such as Tenison Road.

The project was launched in October 2013 and will run for at least a year. So far, it has involved meetings and conversations amongst the people on Tenison Road and those of us at Microsoft Research. The emphasis here has been on working out what matters to Tenison Road and how data could play a role. As the project progresses, we?ll also be building a number of technological systems or ?data-instruments? to collect, aggregate and share relevant and meaningful data.

Overall, the project is intended to illustrate how data can be thought about in deeper and more meaningful ways. We?re hoping to show how data might come to matter in real-world places and how it might be put to use. At all levels, the project is intended to be a common exercise in which we collectively work through the things that are important to a street and figure out new ways to participate and engage in social life.

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